The new international children's regatta in Optimist class OptiOrange Valencia, organized by Sailing Academy of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and Real Club Nautico de Valencia will take place on March 7-11, 2019 in the premises of Valencia Training Center.



Regulation of the Competition

OptiOrange Valencia International Regatta

7-11 March 2019


1. Arranging organizations


General management of preparation and conduct of the Competitions shall be carried out by Saint Petersburg regional sports non-governmental organization "Yacht-club of St.-Petersburg" and Real club Nautico de Valencia.


2. Rules


2.1. The Competition shall be conducted according to the rules provided for in the definition contained in the Rules of Sailing Regattas PPG 2017 - 2020.

2.2. In case of any contradiction between the Regulations and the Sailing Instruction, rule 63.7 of PPG 2017-2020 shall apply


3. Advertizing


3.1. Advertisements shall be applied according to rule 20 of PPG 2017-2020.

3.2. The yachts shall bear advertisements chosen and provided by the arranging organizations.


3. Applications and admission


3.1. The Competition shall be conducted in the "Optimist" class.

3.2. Applying yachts may be admitted to participation in the Competition after completion of an application form and sending thereof to not later than one day prior to the beginning of the Competition.

3.3 Applying yachts may be admitted to participation in the Competition after completion of an electronic application form accessible using the Web-link:


3.3. Each crew is recommended to have a "Third party liability" insurance policy for an amount of at least €1.5 mil.


4. Fees


4.1. Entry fee (includes participation in the regatta, pasta after races and gala dinner):

entry fee "Early bird" / 80 euro until February 1

after 1st of February entry fee rate will be 100 euro

Payment -


5. Registration


5.1. An application form for participation in the Competitions shall be filed with the Organizing Committee in a simple form: the coach shall confirm with his/her signature in an application that he/she has all necessary documents for participation of his/her sportsmen in the Competition.


6. Preliminary schedule


The Regatta shall be conducted on March 7-11, 2019

March 7:     9:00 - 18:00 - arrival, registration, practice race

March 8:     12:00 - first racing day

March 9:     12:00 - second racing day

March 10:     12:00 - third racing day, victory ceremony

March 11:     12:00-18:00 - day of departure


7. Sailing Instruction


7.1. The Sailing Instruction will be accessible on the "Board of official announcements" from March 6 and for the entire period of the Regatta.

7.2. Any changes in the Sailing Instruction and orders of the Race Committee will be put up on the "Board of official announcements"


8. Venue


8.1 The Competitions will be conducted in Valencia, on the base of Valencia Training Center.

8.2 Sketches of the course as per the Sailing Instruction.


9. Classification


9.1. A linear classification scheme will apply according to appendix A to PPG 2017-2020, with the changes set forth herein.

9.2. At least 3 races shall be conducted in order to the Regatta be considered to have taken place.

9.3. In case of 4 races, all points received will be taken into account. In case of 5 and more races, one worst result shall be excluded. In case of 9 and more races, two worst results shall be excluded from the series.


10. Radio communication


During the race, a yacht shall have no right to broadcast or accept any radio signals inaccessible to all the yachts. This provision also applies to mobile phones.


11. Distribution of awards


11.1. All sportsmen who have won the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places in their classification groups shall be awarded with commemorative prizes.

11.2. The Sailing Instruction may provide for an additional award in any nominations.

11.3. Sponsors of the Competitions may also found additional prizes.


12. Terms of financing


Expenses for sending of sportsmen, coaches and experts, and for delivery of equipment shall be borne by sending organizations.


13. Denial of responsibility


The sportsmen shall take part in the Competition exclusively at their own risk and peril. See rule 4 "Decision to take part in the race". The arranging organization does not undertake any responsibility for any material damage and (or) personal injuries or death which have taken place in connection with the Competition, both prior or after the same.


14. Code of behavior


During the Competitions, all the participants and coaches must observe the Code of Behavior which shall be spelled out in the Regulations of the Competition.